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i see iluvu i love you
im2gud4u i'm too good for you imi I mean it
iou I owe you iow In other words
itys I think you stink j/k just kidding
j4f just for fun jk just kdding
k okay kc keep cool
kit keep in touch kwim know what i mean
l8 late l8r later
lol loads of love lol laughing out loud
lol lots of luck luv love
m8 mate mc Merry Christmas
mob mobile msg message
mtg meeting mth month
myob mind your own business n and
n case in case n/a not applicable
na no access nc no comment
ne any ne1 anyone
nething 2+? anything to add? nething anything
njoy enjoy no1 no one
np no problem o4u only for you
oic oh, i see pcm please call me
pls please plz please
plz 4gv me please forgive me ppl people
puks pick up kids r are
rgds regards ringl8 running late
rip rest in peace ru are you
ru cmng are you coming ru ok? are you ok?
sc stay cool ruok are you okay?
sit stay in touch spk speak
sum1 someone t+ think positive
talk 2u l8r talk to you later tc take care
tel telephone thnx thanks
thanq thank you tt4n ta ta for now
u you ur your
ura* you are a star uraqt you are a cutie
w With w/o without
w4u waiting for you w8 wait
w8 4 me wait for me w8n waiting
wan2 want to wan2tlk want to talk?
will spk 2 u l8r will speak to you later wknd weekend
wot what wt what
wu? what's up? xlnt excellent
y why yr your

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