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Reduce progress investment in villages - BSNL

JANUARY 21, 2005 : NEW DELHI: On Friday BSNL say it will not increase rural telecom tariffs but will REDUCE some of the progress expenditure in those areas to bridge the loss of Rs 1,254 crore caused by the latest ADC of telecom regulator TRAI.

Notice to Tata Teleservices

JANUARY 09, 2005 : NEW DELHI : DOT has issued a notice to Tata Teleservices, seeking an explanation of alleged violation of license conditions by the company on its Walky a fixed-line wireless phone service '.

Tata Teleservices has place the Walky phone as a cell phone on fixed line rates; going by the rule the private companies are liable to pay a duty called ADC on mobile telecom services to BSNL. The Department of Telecommunication has taken the step after BSNL objected to Tata's campaign about their this service.

DOT has issued a arrow to Tata, and Reliance Infocomm that they remove their commercials on Walky and unlimited cordless' respectively.

STD, ISD rates of Mobiles phones to fall as TRAI cuts ADC

JANUARY 07, 2005  : NEW DELHI: Mobile's STD/ISD charges would go down 20%. Trai today reduced ADC on STD and ISD calls. If operators give the benefits of reduced ADC to subscribers, then STD/ISD rates would be reduced 20% to 24%. The new reduced rates would be to the point from 1st February.

Mobile operators have welcomed the new ADC regime and say this is a step in the right direction.

BSNL say that BSNL would lose Rs 1,254 crore per year due to the reduced ADC. The issue came highlight when Reliance was caught passing off international calls as local calls.