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Acceltree Software Pvt. Ltd.


AcceITree Software focuses on bringing together innovation; domain knowledge; technology strengths and an excellent team to deliver quality software, which enables customers, run their business with maximum efficiency. AcceITree's core specialization is in Mobile Enterprise Applications. AcceITree Software received its ISO 9001-2000 Quality Certification in October 2004. This was achieved in record time, as relevant processes were in use and only documentation needed to be changed slightly.

AcceITree is headquartered at Pune with offices and channel partners at four metros in India and at Singapore. AcceITree has customers in banking, NBFC's, engineering products companies, general insurance, micro finance, etc.

In FY: 2006-2007 it plans to establish offices or partners at Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Europe.

AcceITree's team of technologists comprises software designers, engineers, localization consultants and domain experts. AcceITree's network and experience in software product design, development, localization and international marketing of software products is a core competence, which it leverages to map technology innovations to business opportunities and markets that need them.
FRED Mobile Framework is a rapid application platform for building and deploying cell phone based applications that can be used enterprise-wide. It helps build applications that are web-based, involve workflows and interact with multiple back-end systems. The application definition process requires very little time and therefore is ideal for rapidly changing requirements that are often encountered in a developing economy.

AcceITree Software focuses on building software productivity tools and using them to build software application products for the Banking, Financial Service & Insurance (BFSI) and Sales & Service Industry, Distribution & Logistics industries, Stock Market Trading, etc.,

Acceltree's Mobile Applications may be used for the following:

  • Contact Management
  • Mobile Collections
  • Micro Finance Management
  • Insurance Sales
  • Insurance Claims
  • Direct Sales
  • Ordering System for Network Sales Agents
  • Tracking Secondary Sales
  • Distribution Logistics

305, Kumar Pride Senate, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune 411 016, INDIA
Tel : +9120 5603 3122, Fax: +9120 2565 2560
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