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Corrigent's products are designed for service providers, MSOs and iarge private networks. The CM-100 interoperates with L2/L3 Switches, Routers, SONETISDH and WDM equipment to create next generatan metro transport networks. According to the Dell'Oro Group Corrigent was the #2 worldwide provider of 10Gbps MSPP equipment. Corrigent's CM-100 PacketAdd Drop Multiplexer enables important and profitable new applications for service providers. These include Triple-Play (voice, video and data), Carrier Ethernet Services and Muftiservice Aggregation and Transport.

Corrigent equipment is the foundation for some of the largest networks +n the world. Its installations for KDDI, Japan's #2 service provider, may be the largest network in the world in three categories; Triple Play, RPR and MPLS pseudo-wire. KDDI selected Corrigent's Packet ADM to converge all their services onto one infrastructure, provide new services, and realize greater revenue as corhpared with any other approach. This nationwide network currently has millions of customers running video voice and data while it also carries wireless traffic from thousands of 3G base stations.

Corrigent Systems is a private company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Orckit (NASDAO:ORCT).The company became profitable in 2005 and opened their first office in India.




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