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Globecomm Systems, leaders in worldwide satellite communications, integrates satellite into your network applications in order to reach remote regions, broadcast one-to-many or support bandwith-hungry, highly asymmetric applications. Globecomm reduces the complexity of managing the network and minimizing the demand for costly satellite bandwisth by deploying systems and providing sercices that are truly nex-gen while staying true to business and operational basics.

Globecomm delivers the next generation using reliable cost-effective off-the-shelf technology. The company is also a specialist in providing a total solution. Depending on the need of the customer, Globecomm designs, installs, integratesm supports, manages, and operates their systems and networks.

Globecomm is a global satellite communications company delivering complete solutions to customers in broadcastion, telecommunications, internet, industry and government markets. Custorers turn to Globecomm when they want to reduce their time-to-market;and also for a single reliable source for engineering systems and services, and for total end-toend responsibility for complex solutions.



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