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Ilsintech delivers the solutions that enhance the quality of the fiber-optic communication environment and improve the productivity in the actual deployment of network and fiber-optic components/ devices fabrications.

Ilsintech, incorporated as the manufacturer of high precision industrial machineries and munitions in 1982, offers high precision fiber-optic tools for optical fiber cable preparation processes with a variety of application know-how for high precision material processing technologies.

Ilsintech's core capabilities include the design, development, large scale production and reliable quality control of fiber optic tools including Single Action Fiber Optic Cleavers(Patent Pending), Ribbon Fiber Preparation Tools & Tool Kit and fiber-optic Replacement Consumables etc.

Ilsintech is now being innovated along with advanced fiber optic tool: High Strength Fiber Window Strip machine Air Stripper and Mass Fiber Prep Workstation. ILSINTECH is looking forward to become the `Total Provider" of fiber optic tools with the expansion of the coverage to all over the world. ILSINTECH is now getting one of the worldwide renowned brands to its customers.

#621 Dong-Ah Venture Building, 538-8 Bong-Myung-Dong,
Yusung-Gu, Dae-Jeon KOREA.
Tel : +82 42 828 7142, Fax : +82 42 828 7143
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