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All Litech products are manufactured with superior quality and according to international standard. Litech's structured cabling products are certified by Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (UL) USA and Canada. Other network products are approved by authorities such as Telekom Malaysia and SIRIMS.

Fiber OpticAssembly
With sophisticated polishing, testing equipment from USA, the company has the capability of making customized fiber cable assemblies according to international standards.

Equipment Racks and Panels.
With in-house CAD/CAM design and CNC manufacturing facilities, we have the ability to customized cabinets, racks and panels with superior design and quality to address different and specified requirement for network installations.

Coaxial and RF
The company manufactures the full range of coaxial and RF connectors and accessories, and can customize different types and sizes of jumpers with competitive prices to cater to the growing mobile and wireless market.

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