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Lemko Corporation is an innovative company that uses IP technology to provide cellular infrastructure functionality in a software solution. By combining the design of the Internet with the mobility requirements of cellular, Lemko has created a powerful package that delivers switching and control at the edge of the network. It is ideal for rural and remote cellular operations, military and government systems and enterprise-wide survivable networks.

Lemko is a privately held company headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, with an office in Mumbai, India. Formed by a group of veteran telecommunication leaders, Lemko is replacing expensive hardware with elegant software solutions that open new markets and opportunities.


Distributed Mobile Architecture (DMA)

Distributed Mobile Architecture (DMA) is an architecture that allows where multiple cellular nodes to be linked via IP connections. This interconnedivilyaeates aflat or meshed network much like the Internet where voice and data calls are switched right at the network edge, reducing the need for backhaul while maintaining full functionality.

A DMA network can interface with your existing network, the PSTN and the Internet. It can also stand alone as a complete wireless communication system. Adherence to industry standards and protocols ensures seamless integration, whatever your needs.

The heart of DMA is a software solution that contains mobile infrastructure for cellular service. Specifically, it provides the functionality of the following elements:

  • Mobile Switching Center (MSC)
  • Radio Network Controller I Base Station Controller (RNCIBSC)
  • Home Location Register (HLR)
  • Visitor Location Register (VLR)
  • Media Gateway (MGW)

Lemko's dMA is the core operating system for our software solutions optimized to deliver the features and functionality required by unique markets, including rural cellular, wireless local loop (WLL), disaster recovery and government/military applications. They are ideal for areas where flexibility and cost are critical.




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LEMKO CORPORATION, 1700 East Golf Road, 7"' floor
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