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MakSat Technologies is an ISO 9001:2000 organization with a mission to develop and provide innovative communication technologies and solutions. Maksat has pioneered WiMax/OFDM product development in India and providing the latest communication technology solutions to corporates, government and defence. The solution delivers unparalleled reliability and faster deployment and also transcends physical and geographical boundaries.

MakSat Technologies is also a leading consultant and system integrator developing wireless ISP networks, customized corporate wireless networks for ERP, video conferencing, voice, data and e-governance. Maksat provides robust, cost effective and scalable solutions for carrier class networks. Its leasing edge wireless products represent over seven years of intensive research in its laboratories around the world.


  • Mufti frequency Band Support including free ISM bands, based on OFDM technology
  • TDD plus adaptive polling to solve hidden node problem (pre WiMA))
  • Very low protocol overhead per frame allowing super-high data rates
  • Multipointtomultipoint,AnyPoint toAnyPoint topology
  • Dynamic protocol adjustment depending on traffic type and resource usage
  • No protocol sped degradation for long link distances
  • No protocol limits on link distance
  • AES encryption, security, VPN and firewall
  • Bandwidth cloaking -Minimum +1-2.5 Mhz, Maximum +/-1 OMhz
  • Upto 14 non overlapping channels in ISM bans (2.4Ghz)
  • 80 degrees of operating temperature
  • Overhead per packet transmitted
  • Very high sensitivity of -105 (XR - Extended Range Technology)
  • Client polling
  • Powertul QoS with Packet Aggregation to optimize the date rate usage of links using protocots(VolP)that have high flexible network management and routing         



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Tel : +91114163 6364, Fax : +91112644 8440
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