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Voxtel is a leading supplier of consumer telecom products worldwide with a leading market presence in the UK and other EU countries under the Binatone*, Voxtel , iDECT and S-Life brands. In addition, the company supplies to several key telecom companies and reputed OEM brands worldwide. Growing through innovation, the company markets its products in over 55 countries globally, being the second largest digital cordless telephone producer in the world.

The company's wide range of telecom products include Digital DECT3ordless Phones, Corded Phones, Family Radio Systems (FRS) I Personal Mobile Radios (PMR), ADSL modems, VOIP telephones, akype certified products and other high-speed internet access data oevoces. We are actively pursuing new and latest technology products - Blue Tooth and MMS telecom products-, scheduled for launch durng second quarter 2006.

he company's recent innovative products launched in Europe under ,DECT branding (Intelligent Communication Products) have met with ,esounding success. Elegantly designed, these products are simple to .jse. targeting the modern digital world with "Masstige" appeal (mass 7arket product & prestige association).

Extending its success from Europe, Voxtel now targets growing Indian market and is seeking potential business partners to work with.


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