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Aheeva Technology Inc. develops and markets turnkey contact center solutions that enhance customer interaction and optimize agent productivity. The tailored solutions are IP-based and provide businesses and contact centers with tools to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and increase revenues.

Leveraging the strengths of an IP infrastructure and utilizing Asterisk IP-PBX, theAheeva Contact Center Suite enables clients to establish a superior full-service contact center for a fraction of the investment required to operate a traditional telephony switch-based call center. The total cost of ownership is also diminished by reducing yearly operational and maintenance costs.


  • Aheeva contact center solution
  • Intelligent inbound call routing
  • Outbound dialing (Predictive, preview, progressive and broadcast)
  • Digital quality live monitoring and recording
  • Seamless compatibility with non-IP legacy systems
  • Based on Asterisk©, the open source IP-PBX
  • Web-based real-time remote monitoring and management of campaigns, work force, calling lists, reports, quality monitoring, network and IP switches
  • Live monitoring of agents' conversation via phone or Web
  • Encryption server and SSL support of independent recording server
  • Customizable and unlimited routing scripts and permutable campaign conponents
  • Automatic database connection notification and backup
  • Work force management with Method of payment, team monitoring, real-time adherence to work schedules and user-defined "Not ready" reasons
  • Performance-based agent, agent group and queue reports where data is presented according to service levels
  • Secure and user-friendly graphical user interface(GUI)
  • Scalable-unlimited number of agents
  • Multi-tenant flexibility – the capacity to run Aheeva CCS in ASP model


1000 St-Antoine West, Suite 500, Montreal H3C 3117, CANADA
Tel 1 : +1514 223 2581, Fax : +1514 448 4906
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