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Apache Micro Peripherals, Inc. is an IT/CE manufacturer with headquarters located in Irvine, CA, USA. Founded in 1991, Apache is one of the word's leading modems and consumer electronic manufacturer. Apache has subsidiaries or offices in Hong Kong, China, Europe, India and the Middle East. Apache products are being marketed in 91 countries on five continents. Apache specializes in the design and manufacture of networking products that includeADSL2/2+Triple Play modem routers, VoIP products, GSM products, wireless Wi-Fi networking products and Bluetooth products. Apache has expanded its product lines to include personal multimedia products and PC peripheral products like flat panel LCD, keyboard and mouse. It distributes its products in the worldwide retail sales channels as well as markets its products to OEMs

Apache has shifted from single line analog modem products manufacturer to a comprehensive range of various IT product lines factory that produces

Networking products, which include dial-up modems, broadband ADSL and ADSL2/2+ modem routers, Wi-Fi based and Bluetooth based wireless products, VoIP products, GSM products, wired base networking products, web cams, and wireless security IP camera products.

Consumer electronic products, which include personal multimedia players, MP3 players, digital photo frame products, DVD players and speaker systems.

Peripherals products, which include storage products like USB flash drive, flat panel LCD, keyboards and mice. Apache products are made for businesses, enterprises as well as individual users.


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