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Buffalo Inc., Japan is a manufacturer of the complete range of PC peripherals (i.e.memory modules, wireless networking, storage solutions and multimedia home entertainment products). For the last 30 years, Buffalo has a 51 % market share (retail) and is the number one brand in Japan in 15 different categories. It has 8 offices throughout the world in USA, UK, Ireland, India, Taiwan, China, Korea and Hong Kong.
Buffalo acquired a 35.5% market share in memory products, 35.1% in storage solutions, 18.8% in wireless networking solutions and 10.6% in other products (LCD, TV capture device-multimedia products) in Japan. Buffalo is a leading brand in storage solution products in the US market.

Buffalo established its liaison office in New Delhi, India in November 2004 and appointed Negen Networks as its national distributor for its wireless networking and storage solution products in September 2005.

Buffalo's AirStation product is an award-winning, affordable, highperformance line of wireless LAN products that offers a complete wireless LAN solution to end users in the SMB, SOHO and home market spaces. Buffalo Inc., Japan also features the patented Air Station OneTouch System (AOSS'"') that provides top-notch security for homes, offices or office networks with just one touch of a button.

AOSST"" -Air Station One-Touch SystemT""

Users can set up secure wireless connections with AOSS. AOSS automatically detects and configures other AOSS enabled wireless devices and clients and seamlessly creates secure connections. As additional devices are added, security is negotiated at the highest level possible for all devices on the network.

Buffalo's AOSS is being adopted in the products of major manufacturers if home appliances like Sharp (network media players), Epson(wireless printer adapters), Sanyo Hovica (home monitoring cameras), Sony PSP network games.



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