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Creative Specifications
Please select the type of technology you would like to use and accordingly follow the specifications


  • The total file size with images cannot exceed 100 kb.
  • Client side image maps in the creative are acceptable and must be hosted / provided by the client itself
  • All scripts in the HTML code must be active at the time of ad submission for validating / testing the ad HTML code.


Image Ad

  • GIF or JPG format accepted.
  • File size cannot exceed 40 kb.



  • File size cannot exceed 15 kb.
  • Please submit an image (JPG or GIF) to be served in case the user does not have flash installed. The kb size for the static image should be the same as the kb restriction for a normal image ad of the same size and shape



Ad banner

A commercial message i.e. animation or a banner on a web page promoting a product.


The transmission rate of a communications line or system for digital systems measured in BPS or KBPS (bytes per second or kilobytes per second)


A Client program (software) that is used to look at various kinds of Internet resources and HTML pages. (For example Netscape, Microsoft Explorer)


An HTML page which passes different variables back to the server. These pages are used to gather information from users in the form of pages or ads. It's also referred to as scripts.


Internet protocol which facilitates transfer of files. It's a standard method of sending files between computers over the Internet.


Graphics Interchange Format is an image file format commonly used in HTML documents. Hit A web site when accessed the computer sends a request to the site's server for downloading the web page. The site’s Web server as a


records each element of a requested page (including graphics, text, and interactive items). Home Page The main point of entry or a main page of a Web site.


Hyper Text Markup Language is used to write documents for the World Wide Web. An HTML page is a Hyper Text Markup Language document stored in a directory on a Web server at the time of the request for the purpose of displaying that document. In addition to text, an HTML page may include graphics, video, audio, and other files


Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is a standard method of transferring data between a Web server and a Web browser.


A high-end computer which distributes / hosts files which are shared across a LAN, WAN or the Internet.

Server Error

An error occurring on the server in anyone of its processes.


Commonly reffered to as a User Session. Its all the activity performed by one user on a web site. By default, this session is terminated when a user is inactive for more than 30 minutes.