Did you know these facts?

1. Cellular phone increases the risk of brain cancer (brain tumor).


2. Cellular phones can do biological damage through heating effects.


3. Cellular phone causes symptoms: including headaches, earaches, blurring of vision, short-term memory loss, numbing, tingling, and burning sensations, bad sleep,fatigue, Anxiety.


4. Single and double strand DNA breaks in brain cells increased after exposure to RF. Exposure to both continuous wave and pulsed RF (mobil phone) produced DNA damage. Double strand breaks, if not repaired, are known to lead to cell death.


5. search by other scientists indicates that prolonged use of mobile phones may cause hot-spots to develop inside the brain, causing damage which could lead to Alzheimer’s disease or cancer (brain tumor).


6. Dr. Henry Lai and Dr N. P. Singh from the University of Washington in Seattle believe the radiation changed brain cell membranes in the rats - and the effects are so severe that it could affect humans, too.


Reported Symptoms And Diseases:


·         Alzheimer's disease

·         Anxiety

·         Asthma

·         Birth defects

·         Blood pressure increases

·         Brain cancers and tumors

·         Burning sensations

·         Calcium Ion changes

·         Chemical sensitivity

·         Chronic fatigue

·         Chronic stress

·         Crohns disease

·         Depression

·         Diabetes

·         Disorientation

·         EEG changes

·         Epilepsy

·         Eye and ear discomfort and pain

·         Facial rashes and swelling

·         Fybromyalgia

·         Genetic damage

·         Gliomas

·         Hair Loss

·         Headaches

·         Heart disease

·         Kidney damage

·         Leukemia and other blood cancers

·         Lymphoma

·         Melatonin reductions

·         Memory Loss

·         Meningiococcal infections (meningitis)

·         Meningiomas

·         Multiple Sclerosis

·         Neuro-cognitive symptoms

·         Nerve sheath tumors, including acoustic neuromas

·         Numbness

·         Oral cancer

·         Pacemaker interference

·         Pain

·         Parkinson's disease

·         Parotid gland tumors

·         Premature aging

·         Reaction time changes

·         Sleep disorders

·         Suicide

·         Testosterone reductions

·         Thyroid cancer

·         Tinnitus