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3M is a diversified technology company serving customers and communities with innovative products and services. 3M today has an array of useful products targeting each and every segment of the market.

After 100 years in the telecommunications industry, 3M serves every major service provider in the world. Our products, systems and ser- vices are optimized to help construct, rehabilitate and maintain net- works for faster, more reliable, and higher -bandwidth transmissions. Six Sigma processes enable 3M to deliver durable, long-lasting prod- ucts as a strong value for our customers. And all 3M products are supported by world -class service, product training and field support.

3M is the only single-source provider of comprehensive, customizable Broadband product solutions to Protect, Connect, Test & Measure, Mark and Locate networks. 3M's extensive suites of Central office, Outside plant, Test and Mea- surement and Diagnostic product solutions help implement and man- age new generation broadband networks with simplified techniques and impressive cost savings.

Service providers and network equipment manufacturers can:
  • Quickly build, rehabilitate and upgrade networks to deliver Broad- band services
  • Rapidly scale up networks to add more subscribers
  • Capitalize on current broadband revenue opportunities while establishing a framework for emerging services
  • Effectively maintain lines, decrease future line errors and manage ongoing costs

With 3M's telecommunications product solutions, you can:

CONNECT your Broadband network with 3M's portfolio of Blocks, Integrated splitters, Connectors, FMS, Distribution Cabinets and Boxes PROTECT your Broadband network from environmental damage with 3M Enclosure products and from electrical disruption with 3M Protection modules

TEST & MEASURE your Broadband network implementation with 3M's knowledge based testers and analyzers

MARK & LOCATE your Broadband network with 3M's intelligent mark- ers and Locator systems


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