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Satellite @ Internet India is India's premier monthly Hindi & English magazine dedicated to satellite N radio, broadcasting, cable N, telecom, IT & Internet industry.

Every month Satellite @ Internet India magazine features exclusive in-depth coverage on emerging technologies, modifications and recommendations in the field of satellite, radio, broadcasting, cable N telecom, IT, DTH, Wi-Fi and Internet industry. The magazine also has a complete website on IPTV, broadband, fiber optics, Wifi, mobile, radio, satellite N & DTH with monthly updated data of more than 1400 channels over 40 satellites along with the foot prints available over India

The magazine is easily available throughout the country and abroad as well, through its strong dealership network of 940 distributors and dealers. It can also be subscribed to from any part of the globe through
The readership of English magazine is 1,68,000 with a print run of 42,000 copies per month and the Hindi magazine readership is 1, 15,000 with a print run of 23,000 copies per month. The total readership of both the magazines is 2,83,000.

Satellite@Intemet India is popular with CAN equipment manufacturers, importers & exporters, satellite channel broadcasters, software companies, broadcast & studio companies, channel distributors, audio/video equipment vendors, telecom companies, Internet service providers, and fiber optic companies.



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