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Ai-Logix, Inc. designs and manufactures the finest hardware-based computer telephony integration (CTI) products for interactive and passive telephony applications. The Ai-Logix Smartworks is a complete line of CTI components for the call recording market. We are a subsidiary of AudioCodes Ltd. Our headquarters are located in Somerset, NJ, USA with local and international branches throughout the globe. Products

Ai-Logix is the only card supplier on the open market to maintain products in all segments of the CTI call recording industry including: passive analog trunk interface cards, passive digital trunk interface cards, passive digital PBX telephone integration cards as well as terminate card solutions. Ai-Logix products include:

IPX series (NetTAP IP recording board)
• NGX series (Digital extension passive call recording board)
• LD series (Analog passive/active call recording board)
• DP series (Digital trunk TI/El passive call recording board)
• DT series (Digital trunk Ti /El terminate call recording board)
• WordAlert series (Real-time key word spotting board)


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