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Spacecom is the operator of the AMOS satellites, currently operating AMOS-1 and AMOS-2 co-located at orbital position 4W, with AMOS3 to be launched in 2007 to the same orbital position.

The AMOS satellites provide excellent Ku-band coverage over Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle-East and the U.S. East-Coast, with constant reciprocal satellite backup at 4W orbital position and are ideal for DBSIDTH broadcasting.

Subsequent satellites planned to be positioned over Asia will provide DTH quality transmission to the Asian continent, enabling with Spacecom's satellites at 4W orbital location, continuous coverage from Asia to the US East coast.


The AMOS satellites offer a variety of services such as:

  • DBSIDTH services
  • Broadband Internet (Bi-Directional and unidirectional)
  • Video, Audio and data distribution
  • DSNG services and Occasional Use, and
  • Possible interconnection between Central Europe, Middle East and the US beams

Spacecom's reputation and experience in establishing and implementing DTH (Direct to Home) and DTO (Direct to Operators) distribution platforms, makes AMOS satellites the choice of yes Israel's DBS N platform and Boom the Romanian DTH TV as well as the selected solution for major broadcasters in Europe, including HBO for all of its European cable services, MTV, Antenna Hungaria, Studio 1 +1 in the Ukraine and others.

TV broadcasters, ISPs, network operators, government agencies and other content providers have and outstanding option to choose from when looking for high-quality satellite service & capacity – The AMOS satellites.


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